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Why Fabletics Stands Out In Retail

Since the 2013 start of Fabletics the fashion activewear retailer has seen outstanding success and recognition for their take on the styles of active wear. The company’s co-founder and face of their brand, actress Kate Hudson, uses her talents to reach the masses and inspire those who want to stay fit, look good while doing it. The line of clothing is designed to appeal to the everyday person along with affordable and durable. Kate Hudson regularly adds her favorite choices in Fabletics.

One of the main attractions Fabletics has been able to capitalize on is their customer’s to have the ability to shop from the comfort of their own home. Consumers can not only enjoy the convenience of online shopping but they have the option to customize their shopping experience based on a quick Fabletic’s quiz designed to find the perfect outfits and pieces to compliment individual tastes and preferences. VIP membership through the company’s shopping website opens up the exclusive world of special pricing, member only sales, and first pick of debut merchandise. The company saw around 15 million from solely online sales in 2015 and currently has over 200 million in total(online and stores) sales.

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The idea to open a physical store location came about from effective customer feedback and the idea that consumers will have the ability to try on a variety of different styles and get an idea of what they prefer. Fabletics’ can then use that information and utilize the ease of online shopping with the added of confidence of trying before buying. The fall of 2015 saw Fabletics first store locations and bow they are up to 16 stores throughout the US and plan on opening as many as 24 additional stores. Their success has been based on being an online retailer prior to being a physical retailer. This “reverse” approach has proved to be successful for such powerhouse brands like Apple and Warby Parker. Using logistics and consumer data technology, Fabletics can hone in on where the best location for a store will thrive. There is not a need to have an overabundance of stores in operation on thus keeping overhead and supply costs at an effective margin.


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  1. Johnson Milt
    Johnson Milt December 14, 2016

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