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Why Entrepreneur Vinod Gupta Gives So Much Back To Others


Vinod Gupta is an Omaha, Nebraska-based entrepreneur who has 40 years of experience growing companies in the United States and overseas. Born and raised in Rampur Mahyaran, India, he traveled to the United States to obtain his master’s degree. He started a company, Infogroup, that he sold in 2010 for more than $460 million. He now operates a family investment firm, Everest Group, where he is the Managing General Partner.

Coming from a Hindu background, Vinod Gupta says that what you give is what you get in life. He believes it is his duty to provide resources to younger generations so they can prosper just as much as he has. Most of his charitable giving goes to educational causes as that is the core foundation of success.

He has given money and scholarships to the University of Nebraska and the Indian Institutes of Technology, his two alma maters. At this latter one, Vinod invested $2 million to create the Vinod Gupta School of Management. This is a very respected business school who has been graduating the next generation of business leaders for the past 20 years.

Vinod Gupta advocates for a better life for all people. He grew up in a humble background in a remote part of India. He went through the challenges that the poor go through and therefore knows what these people go through from firsthand experience. Now that he is successful, he has gone back to the small village he came from and is making changes.

In his hometown, Vinod Gupta has supported girl’s education. He says that this is something that is sadly overlooked in Indian society too often. Supporting young girls, he donated $1 million to a girl’s school which is used for school supplies and busing. Since Rampur Maniharan is very rural, students need buses if they have any hope of being a student. Read This Article for additional information.

Gupta created a $1 million endowment to establish Ram Rati Gupta Polytechnic School. This is a post graduate women’s school where they learn about subjects they otherwise wouldn’t have access to. Having a safe place to learn and study is critical to their success and future prosperity.


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