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TigerSwan Contractors, Civilians, and a Unique Training Experience

The life of a special operations team member comes fraught with dangers. The same is true of private contractors who travel to various high-risk parts of the world. People familiar with special ops and contractors such as the ones employed by TigerSwan gain perceptions from the media. As TigerSwan CEO James Reese will tell you, the media doesn’t present a full picture. Only on rare occasions does the media provide insights into the training these professionals go through.

As a former Delta Force member and officer in the military, James Reese knows how strenuous special ops training is. He co-founded not only TigerSwan, but also a specialized training facility known as The Range Complex (TRC). Located in North Carolina, the facility does provide training support to personnel from Fort Bragg. Active duty military personnel aren’t the only ones who benefit from the training. Private contractors do, too. And TigerSwam members and other private contractors aren’t the only civilians who see what training is like. A special event held at TRC opened doors to civilians.

Tigerswan, James Reese

Civilians can take part in hostage rescue missions and experience live-fire drills. Such training is sure to prove eye-opening to non-military people unfamiliar with this type of work. Perhaps they’ll share their experience with others and raise positive awareness about security work.

Interestingly, the event had a corporate co-sponsor, Chevrolet. Persons outside the security professional may wonder why Chevy wants to work with contractors. Simply put, security teams require reliable transportation during dangerous missions. Chevy SUVs garnered a reputation for their performance. The vehicles apparently perform well under pressure, as private security firms continue to use them. The relationship between Chevy and the private security industry is so strong that Chevy is co-sponsoring events. Likely, Chevy receives significant publicity from its co-sponsorship.

The Range Complex serves a valuable purpose. James Reese and his team deserve credit for establishing it.

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