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The Re-launch of Grump


Gump’s is one of the most oldest luxury home furnishings and décor retailer in American. The organization was initially established in 1861 by Solomon Gump and his relatives in San Francisco, California.


Gump’s is best known for its delightful gathering of jewelry made from jade, tabletop, precious stone, and homeware goods. Following 150+ years of Grumps long American tradition, the store was closed last December.


Many were disappointed but it has been announced that Gumps is reopening during the fall under the new administration of John and Diane Chachas children. Anne, Christopher and Jack Chachas. They have become the new proprietors of majority of the company shares. The Chachas family will take initiative in North America and Europe in the relaunch of the Gump.


The new leadership has plans to re-open the store and create a ecommerce business that will be able to serve a huge number of customers. Though the company is under new leadership Anne Chachas believes that the brand will execute with the new re-launch of the company. Read This Article for related information.


During the announcements Anne Chachas expressed her excitement that Gumps will be reopen in time for Christmas, with Gump and Christmas sharing 158 seasons with previous customer, the company is thrilled to welcome new clients as they bring back this family ownership business. Click Here for more information.


Ms. Chachas and her family plans to continue the rich history of the company and honor the stores reputation in the redevelopment. Gumps plans to keep their customer frequently updated regarding the relaunch day on Gump’s site and furthermore on social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter.


Follow Gumps on  Twitter, @gumpssf.


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