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The OSI Group Is Known For Its Service To McDonalds But The Experienced Food Processing Giant Is Preparing To Lend Its Services To Impossible Foods:

Impossible Foods is a food operation that makes plant-based products. The company just announced that it has come to a partnership agreement with the food processing company OSI Group. OSI is known in the foodservice industry for its long history of supplying food wholesale services to countless different restaurant and retail businesses. It is also well-known as the company that has supplied meat products to the world-famous McDonalds chain for the last six decades. The deal that has been struck between OSI Group and Impossible Foods will represent an effort to pump up the production of one of Impossible Foods’ most popular food products. This product is called the Impossible Burger. The plant-based burger has already landed on the menu at Burger King and the demand for the product has surpassed what Impossible Foods can handle in terms of processing strength. Sheetal Shal, an executive officer from Impossible Foods, has pointed out that the firm knew it was time to find a production partner for this plant-based product that has become so popular. Shah has also noted that Impossible Foods might soon come to an agreement with McDonalds about this great product.

OSI Group is known for having an extensive global reach. The company currently operates production plants in seventeen different international regions. The food processor is also known for its significant processing capacity. Another thing that OSI is known for is a dedication to food quality and service. These were big factors in helping the Impossible Foods leadership to decide that OSI would be the best food processor to team up with in getting the production of the plant-based Impossible Burger increased.

The team at Impossible Foods admits that they did not initially anticipate having a supply/demand issue but they are thrilled that their Impossible Burger has garnered such a strong demand. It is a real testament to the dedication that their team has put into making such a great food item. They now look forward to a valuable and profitable partnership with OSI as the two firms will now combine their processing strengths to meet the growing demand for this plant-based product.

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