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Success And Leadership in The Advertising World

Lori Senecal is the global CEO, overseeing global growth and expansion, at Crispin, Porter and Bogusky, which is an advertising agency. Previously Ms. Lori Senecal worked for another marketing and advertising firm, KBS, where she worked to spearhead invention, as opposed to just talking about innovation. She has gone beyond what many CEOs have done, and that is to delve further into matters, rather than just use buzz words.

The television show “Mad Men” aptly portrays the absolute male-dominated advertising industry on, and sadly that period piece, that is set to have taken place over 4 decades ago, is illustrious of the fact that not much has changed. The 3% Conference is referred to as such because prior to its creation, only 3% of creative directors in the United States were women. This conference has worked to move that number from 3% to 11% by showing firms clear paths to promote female creative talent and leadership. At this years “Sheroes” 3% conference, held in New York City in November 2016, Ms. Senecal discussed how she is making strides, along with a few other female CEOs, in an industry that is still largely dominated by men. See:

Ms. Senecal has been named to the exclusive “Agency Executives to Watch” in 2016, and she is also showcased as a top leader in marketing, media and tech in AdWeek’s Power List on AdWeek. Her entire resume speaks to the idea that she is a power player in her field, and in an interview with Laura Dunn of the Huffington Post, she discusses her work-life balance, and how getting daily workouts, before the day gets away from her, is of paramount importance.

She also discusses having no fear, and actually embracing your fears, and moving toward them, rather than away from them, is a clear means to establishing increasingly greater levels of success. What is very telling about the caliber of person Ms. Senecal is comes from what she has to say about her time at KBS. Lori Senecal said she has arrived where she is today mainly because she was cultivated by female mentors during the KBS years.

This advertising executive recognizes she got to where she is with the help of others as she was architecting her career, and now she has no compunction about doing the same for women in her company.

In the interview with Ms. Dunn, Ms. Senecal quite poignantly points out, when asked which female leaders she admires, that “Liz Lemon,” a fictional character on the NBC sitcom “30 Rock” is at the top of her list! She goes on to explain she admires her bravery, and when coupled with her vulnerability, become the 2 key factors that led to the success of this character, and she wished to emulate this character in much the same way.

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