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Stratford Shields

Stratford Shields has led an impressive career in the finance industry. He has worked in the industry for over 20 years holding various positions in the municipal finance industry. Stratford served as the Securities Industry Financial Market Association Treasurer. He was also the Vice Chairman and later the Chairman of the Association under the Municipal Division. Stratford Shield also worked as an investment banker, developing transaction structures and credit strategies for clients to help them achieve ideal financing results. Some of his clients included universities, states, airports, and cities. Stratford Shields was the Head of Public Finance at Morgan Stanley, a top Wall Street company. He held the position for half a decade and improved the company’s ranking during that period.

Stratford Shields is now the Managing Director of Loop Capital Markets. The firm is based in Chicago and has clients as far as the Midwest and Northwest. Before conducting a transaction with any client, Stratford ensures that he has discussed the pros and cons of every idea with them. Stratford Shield is an avid reader who loves being aware of current events. Through reading frequently, Stratford not only satisfies his curiosity but also remains upfront on current events. His creativity is also acquired from reading. Stratford Shields sources his information from web services and news feeds. As an entrepreneur, Stratford advises colleagues not to give up based on critics from pessimists. They should learn from the critics and improve their businesses from every failure.

Stratford Shields says that there are different approaches to tackling an issue. The fact that there is only one known working method should not deter entrepreneurs from finding better ways. Stratford Shields studied History at the Ohio State University and graduated with a B.A. He also went to Columbia University and graduated with an MA and an MBA.

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