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Steve Ritchie on Embracing Unpredictability

An individual with as much sense as the current CEO of Papa John’s, Steve Ritchie, knows that in this day and age, it can often be risky to cling on to hope. After all, there is no guarantee in the field of investment that you will end up making a profit. Everyone who enters the industry knows this and is not foolish enough to expect anything greater right at the start. And yet, the individuals who sit at the top of the corporate ladder seem to be so cautious, and it is this oxymoron that propels the industry forward constantly.

Steve Ritchie is a perfect example of exactly what you need for a company to succeed. He possesses the perfect balance of risk-taking ability and caution to be able to move forward without causing any losses to the corporation he so loyally belongs to. His care in dealing with his work can be vividly viewed by any one of his acquaintances, as he clearly possesses a passion for what he does. It can be seen in the excitement he brings to the office every single day, always ready bright and early to listen to new ideas.

It is, after all, the new ideas we are faced with that give us the chance to grow. Certainly, ideas alone cannot lead a company into success, because a company requires refinement. It is the goal of Steve Ritchie to ensure that every idea they come up with is thoroughly investigated and refined before it leaves the drawing board. For this reason, they can stay on a certain topic of conversation for sometimes days at a time, but this is simply due to the fact that they would like to ensure that every piece of information is thoroughly presented before they craft a solution.

You would not try to solve a puzzle unless you had access to every single piece, and he views corporate issues in the same manner. He believes that work is all about your mindset. If you come into the workplace with a bad mindset, it is only reasonable that you will have a bad time. Unless you can procure the energy from within to act positively and on the basis that things will improve, your colleagues will slowly begin to pick up on the hopelessness you give off. In turn, they will work less effectively. Steve Ritchie has observed this occur in an office setting firsthand, and it is because of that experience that he is always certain to make sure he is on the same page as all of his colleagues, and that page is positivity.

Because he holds such a bright view of the world and his own place within it, he does not find it difficult to stay on task, no matter how grueling of a task that may be. In reality, the investment industry is not as pretty as it appears from the outside. While the salaries may frequently provide the option to live lavishly, people like Ritchie do not see the point in wasting their money in such a way. He would rather spend his funds sensibly, and this intuition he possesses give him the upper hand in most business dealings.

In his mind, every plan A should be accompanied with a plan B. There is no such thing as certainty within the world of business. This has been made clear to him time and time again throughout not only business, but his own life. After all, everyone goes through periods of time were the future seems uncertain. Steve Ritchie simply chooses to embrace this facet of life.

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