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Sergey Petrossov, Serial Entrepreneur

Sergey Petrossov is the founder of the billion-dollar startup JetSmarter. The service is an app that connects consumers who are looking for private jet and charter services with owners of airplanes. To date, Petrossov and JetSmarter have garnered the attention of the Saudi Royal family and rapper Jay-Z who serve as investors to the company.

Sergey Petrossov moved to Florida with his family at a young age. While some kids were finding ways to put in just enough work, Petrossov was working to create and essentially blaze the path for his peers. The entrepreneur became interested in automobiles during his high school years and, as a result, decided to start an import-export business for tire rims.

Petrossov learned much from his first company venture, which led to him starting an educational startup focused on selling cloud-based software to colleges and universities. Schools in Eastern Europe and Russia were the main buyers of Petrossov’s educational product.

Sergey PetrossovThe entrepreneur’s love for airplanes began in 2009 when Petrossov traveled by air for the first time. The then-teenager saw several flaws with the system with the main issue being accessibility. There were several luxuries associated with jets, Petrossov reasoned. Few, however, could hire a private jet service. The entrepreneur decided to change the scope.

JetSmarter is often deemed the “Uber” of airlines because of the ease that comes with scheduling service. There are four flight services that include scheduled routes as well as customized flights that are available on-demand. JetSmarter presently offers 50 routes on three continents. The service is more than a scheduling service. Many users view JetSmarter as a social community that extends to grounded options for buyers.

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