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Sergey Petrossov: Innovation In Flight

To some, 31 years of age is yet a newbie to the world. Not true Sergey Petrossov. This innovator in flight is just like the Wright brothers. He saw a problem and decided to run with the solution.


A Minor Inconvenience Turned into Millions and Millions

When, Sergey Petrossov took a flight back in 2009 on a private jet at the behest of a friend, he was asked to evaluate the experience. His friend knew the owner of the private jet company, and they wanted to tap Sergey’s brain. He noted a couple of major things that needed an overhaul.

He noticed that the system that was being used was ancient. Instead of digital communications to book private jet flights, the company used analog systems.

Sergey Petrossov also realized that private jet companies, in general did not use as many flight hours as were at their disposal. He researched and found out that it was under used by almost 80%. He thought, why not kill two birds with one stone. Let’s update the communications for booking travel while we fill those under-utilized flight hours and seats. 

Petrossov created an Uber-like application for private jet use. JetSmarter took flight in 2013 after Sergey brought some investors together to make his dreams a reality.

That’s right, you can actually book a private luxurious jet flight using an app on your phone. In order to become a member of JetSmarter you have to apply to one of their tier levels. Each tier has different privileges and consequently, different price points. Once you are a member, you can go onto that app and book your private jet travel right at your fingertips.


JetSmarter has two types of clients. Those who are used to flying in this luxurious manner and those who are looking for an upgrade. The trend is leaning toward experience rather than brand. Travelers want to enjoy their flight experience as opposed to relying on a brand. Word-of-mouth says that the JetSmarter experience is appealing to the masses. 

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