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Serge Belamant Forward Thinker and Founder of Disruptive Technology

There are many kinds of technology entrepreneurs. Some entrepreneurs invest, while others create new and innovative technologies. Serge Belamant is definitely at the forefront of disruptive technology as the creator of blockchain technology. His creativity, use of code, and forward-thinking led Belamant to expand people’s views on the myriad of ways of using blockchain technology. Born in France Serge Belamant’s family would move to South Africa when he was a young teen. He attended the Highlands North High School for Boys and graduated with honors. Belamant attended Witwatersrand Univerity for two years in 1972 where he concentrated on studying computer science. After two years Belamant switched to UNISA and studied information systems. Like many technology greats, Belamant quit UNISA and did not finish his studies.

Not wanting to repeat coursework unnecessarily Serge Belamant chose to enter the workforce at twenty-two years of age and worked for Matrix. He started developing applications water levels in dams. Later Belamant developed several computer models for projects planned by the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research. Belamant’s genius with computers was noticed, and he was eventually put in charge of computers for an area road planning project which led to him making several breakthroughs in digital mapping, statistical methods, and interfaces. Belamant’s success working for the Council for Scientific and Industrial research led him to work as a consultant for Bancorp. During his time at Bancorp, Belamant created a ten-step business model to analyze the risk involved in a business. This led to Belamant’s membership into the RSA Computer Society.

However, Belamant’s biggest achievement occurred while working for SASWITCH as the head of the IT department. Owned by RSA Banks SASWITCH had difficulty with real-time switching and transaction processing time within the RSA banking system as a result of apartheid sanctions. SASWITCH’s system was based on a Christian Rovsing System that was unable to handle hundreds of transactions per second and could not transfer real-time switching to a standby computer if needed. Serge Belamant was tasked with finding a solution to this problem. Belamant installed Straus computers and invented a new National ATM switch that used parallel processing systems and fault-tolerant hardware. Serge Belamant’s invention allowed real-time communication and connected all of RSA’s banks.

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