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Paul Herdsman’s motto is to Retain them..


Paul Herdsman is all about retention. Herdsman runs a company out of Kingston, Jamaica called, “Nice Global.” Nice Global provides outsourced services for a wide variety of industries and also clients. When you are the guy that is out there selling labor, you want a strong and confidant core team that has been around for some time. It all makes sense, right?

Over the years many industries have switched over to concentrating on building a higher-quality team through initial intake and retention than constantly battling turnover. Let’s not forget that turnover can come with its own set of problems that can be devastating in certain industries where trust is key. As a provider of outsourced labor, Paul Herdsman is able to clearly see this. View Additional Info Here.

Another secret of Paul’s is to hone in on the beginning of the employee process. Clearly, controls are in place to make sure that the initial stage of the process is as effective as possible. When a new employee starts out with Nice, however, Paul provides extensive training to them for a certain period of time. They are not only provided constant feedback but also mentoring. This helps the new employee to begin on a path in which they can start with an initial understanding of the many moral, ethical and other profound aspects surrounding their job titles.

This is why Paul Herdsman does so well at outsourcing. Like any other industry, you can benefit greatly from retention. Paul’s industry relies on trust, however. In these industries, turnover can be devastating as previously mentioned. Paul works from the very beginning of an employee’s career to help keep this tradition of retention alive.

Any other advice from him? Paul Herdsman speaks in a way that clear and concise. He never wants to mislead anybody that he is doing business with. Like retention, this too is an idea that has led to success for many.


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