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Oren Frank Developed Talk Space to Give Everyone a Chance to Access Psycho Therapy for their Mental Health

The co-founder and CEO of the popular app called Talk Space is Oren Frank. His Talk Space app now happens to be the number one online mobile psychotherapy company around the world, which as made therapy both easy to access and affordable to purchase because of the very reasonable and fairly priced payment scheme. They also have a wide roster of license psycho therapists that they connect with their clients based on certain parameters like location and area of specialty. Learn more about Oren Frank at

These days, mental health is an issue that has been plaguing many countries. With rampant cases of suicide, anxiety, and depression, this global pandemic puts everyone at risk. Oren Frank highlights that the advent of Talk Space has provided an effective, convenient, and safe haven for people who need to address their mental health issues quickly, effectively, and efficiently. The people at Talk Space takes mental health and well being seriously.

Under the tutelage of Oren Frank, he has been able to connect Talk Space with a million clients that need help and access to licensed therapists. Prior to this, many of those clients did not have access to any form of mental therapy because of numerous factors such as: the negative stigma attached when going to a psycho therapist, the expensive cost of a one hour live session, the long waiting lists to see a psychiatrist, or the time and effort it takes to go down to physically see and consult a specialist.

Oren Frank is a staunch believer on the power of technology to make a better society. Thus, it was critical for him to leverage these new innovations to help as many people as they possibly can. Oren Frank set up Talk Sapce with his wife Roni in the year 2012. Their vision was to provide “therapy for all”. The couple became interested in this area after they themselves have felt the positive benefits of couples therapy for their marriage. Because of this, they made it their mission to make this kind of service available for everyone to enjoy. Mental health should not be a privilege but a moral right that everyone should have access to when the need arises. Source:

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