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Nitin Khana Sets Goals of Helping People Enjoy CBD Without Major Side Effects

Nitin Khanna, the Chief Executive Officer of Cura Cannabis Solutions, is excited to be expanding his brand to Oregon, California, and Navada. Their cartridges are currently avaliable in these areas but the opening of the fourty-two hundred square feet facility in Portland’s Central Eastside is only the beginning. The company believes this will expand to fifty thousand square feet within the next year. Along with the square footage, they will hire one hundred employees.

Nitin Khanna believes this is the perfect time to bring the benefits of CBD to the market. The benefit of the CBD oil is that it gives all the benefits of marijuana without the negative side effects such as the psychoactive high. The company is excited to make the therapeutic benefits available first on the west coast then to the entire United States.

The CBD vape cartridges are pre-filled with the oil along with essential oils to help people navigate their pain management, inflammation, and other issues they might be having such as anxiety and sleeping issues. The company Nitin Khanna runs also believes that they can help eliminate issues such as opiate-based painkillers that are highly addictive. The company has a CBD pen that provides benefits for the individual consumer such as peppermint for someone needing morning energy, grapefruit for an afternoon revival, and lavender for those needing to relax in the evening.

The company provides stringent testing for their products. The testing includes a third party sampling that helps with determining pesticide content, residual solvents, and ptency. In order to be open and communicate with their customers, Nitin Khanna has the company post these results on their website.

The company was founded in 2015 as a fifteen person operation and currently has a workforce of over one hundred and twenty-five employees. Their facilities currently include one processing plant in Nevada, two in California, and four in Oregon.

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