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Marc Beer

Marc Beer: From Success to Tragedy to Success Again

Certain career stories inspire more than those in the same line of work. Occasionally, a story about a tech-company billionaire will inspire a medical professional or vice versa. The story of Marc Beer is one of those stories. Marc Beer is an entrepreneurial genius who specifically works in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries.

Beer’s story officially begins after he earns his Bachelor of Science in Business from Miami University in the late 80s. During his collegiate years, he discovered a talent that would propel him toward his destiny. One of his first jobs was at Genzyme, where he quickly earned the title of Vice President of Global Marketing.

It was his job to put Genzyme’s latest product line in front of the 350 million people across the world who are considered medically underserved. Most pharmaceutical companies don’t create treatments or therapies for these people because they suffer from one of the thousands of rare diseases that afflict humanity.

After finding success as VP of Global Marketing, Beer was inspired to do more. He wanted to up his game; to push himself further and make a real difference. He decided to do this by addressing the immediate and pressing issues many in the pharmaceutical industry considered too difficult to solve.

His first attempt was not only proved he could solve pressing issues but it was also his first attempt at entrepreneurship. In 2000, he launched a specialized company called ViaCell. ViaCell collected and preserved umbilical cord blood stem cells which were later developed into viable solutions used to treat a variety of conditions plaguing millions.

Seven years after launching his first company, he sold his first company. PerkinElmer bought ViaCell for $300 million, skyrocketing Beer to the top of the world. His company improved the quality of life for countless people and his reward was $300 million which he could use to invest in another solution.

Sadly, at the height of his early career, his wife passed away suddenly. At only 42 years old, a pulmonary embolism stole his life away, leaving him to raise their three children alone. He quit working and focused all his efforts on raising his kids the right way. Learn more:

After two years of being a single dad, his oldest daughter convinced him to go back to work. Using a phrase he said to them every morning while dropping them off at school, she inspired him to restart his entrepreneurial career.

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