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LocationSmart IP Geolocation Service Is Revolutionizing Business

Business models across an array of industries are bolstering their operations, increasing profits, finding new customers and innovating in multiple ways thanks to something called IP geolocation.

The nation’s leading provider of IP geolocation is LocationSmart, the California-based firm that has been leading the way in this sector since the 1990s.

IP geolocation leverages the internet IP address of every user to pinpoint their location no matter where they are at any given moment while using an internet-connected device, such as a smartphone or laptop. IP stands for Internet Provider.

The applications of IP geolocation are many and have wide-ranging implications for a modern economy. It makes possible new business models that were not possible before. But it also provides existing or traditional businesses with new capabilities.

Rules and Regulation Compliance

One major area involves compliance with local rules, laws and regulations. This is best illustrated by the gaming industry, including lotteries.

Such games are regulated individually by each of the 50 states, all of which have their own unique regulations. IP geolocation makes it possible for state regulators to administer the rules of those who participate in online gaming within their territories.

Fraud Prevention

IP geolocation makes tackling problems with online scammers and fraud much easier. That’s because it makes it possible to precise trace who is doing what online.

A business owner can help provide its customers with security by being able to identify who is using their account via IP geolocation. If a criminal attempts to access another person’s private account, LocationSmart’s powerful platform can detect the activity and prevent it.

Connecting With Customers

Geo-specific advertising using real-time communication has proven to be a powerful tool for business. It enables business owners to communicate directly and immediately with customers wherever they might be located. For example, a company can provide a customer with information about a product, offer a special promotion or discount on the spot to bolster sales. Read more: LocationSmart | Crunchbase and LocationSmart | Wikipedia

Copyright And Digital Data Protection

One area that has proven to have benefited from IP Geolocation in a major way is in the realm of copyright and digital data protection. Today, a firm’s data is its most important asset. Protecting data, such as streaming content, is critically important.

Profits depend on ensuring that only authorized users have access to that data. It’s vital that others cannot capture and copy data for their own use and profit. This is commonly called pirating. Preventing it is what LocationSmart does every day.

LocationSmart is a company with global reach. Industry observers consider it the premier provider of Location as a Service (LaaS) in the world. LocationSmart provides an array of services, from SMS (text messaging) to digital mapping and content management.

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