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 Lincolnshire Management (Lincolnshire) is a global investor specializing in numerous industries. As a private equity investor, they have close to $2 billion of investment capital and have numerous amounts of acquisitions since their inception. Their current CEO, TJ Maloney, is a key member of their growing success. In today’s article, we will discuss TJ’s accomplishments and Lincolnshire’s business successes.

Since 1993, TJ Maloney has been Chairman and CEO. Prior to his arrival, TJ gained his experience with merger acquisition in the New York area. His collegiate career stemmed from his days in Boston College where he served on the Wall Street Council and Board of Trustees. He also attended Fordham Law School where he won some prestigious awards, in particular, the Richard J. Bennett Memorial Award. He has also given back to the college community as a lecturer at many universities. He has also served on numerous board committees including, but not limited to, the following: Wabash and Credential Services International. TJ and his wife also donated $5 million to help contribute to the Nancy Maloney Library at Fordham’s School of Law. Clearly, TJ Maloney is an individual with great honor and vision. Now, we will discuss Lincolnshire’s accomplishments and outlook.

Lincolnshire is headquartered in New York and was founded in 1986. Since then, they have grown their private equity share to include the $835 million Lincolnshire Equity Fund IV. The Lincolnshire II and III funds have been ranked as one of the highest funds. The firm has primary investments in North America, Asia and Europe. One key niche of the firm is that they help companies restructure debt and co-invest in the same companies. As you can see, Lincolnshire is a key player in the equity fund world.

To summarize, Lincolnshire is a global equity share firm headed by their visionary leader, TJ Maloney. Their past successes will certainly be indicative of future success to come!

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