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One of China’s yearly celebration is the Dragon Boat Festival, which is held every first day of June. Families will gather together and eat a rice dumpling called the zongzi. With the increased demand of zongzi during the Dragon Boat Festival,, otherwise known as Jingdong, and its partnership with Wu Fang Zhai; the time tested Chinese brand, who celebrated with its consumers via better product offerings. This is also a part of’s 6.18 anniversary sales period.


Wu Fang Zhai is one of the most renowned suppliers of zongzi, a traditional meal in the country. And with its partnership with, the company saw an improved sale figure. Last year alone, the company was able to see a 120% increase in its products. This success is attributable to Jingdong’s data-driven market insights, which offered a big help for Wu Fang Zhai to know the demands of its customers.


For example, there are is a big preference difference in the people from the Northern and people from the Southern areas of China. The northern area consumers usually prefer sweet zongzi while the southern area consumers like their zongzi salty and with meat fillings. As a firm that comes from the southern part of the country, Wu Fang Zhai products are more on the salty side. See This Article for additional information.


To enhance their sales in the northern area consumers, Wu Fang Zhai planned to make a zongzi box which has predominantly sweet zongzi. However, with JD’s insight, they advise making a bigger box with equal portions of sweet zongzi and salty zongzi. The reason for this is because the demand for salty zongzi has been increasing in the northern part of the country due to more residents from the southern parts moving. And instead of a box which weighs only 1,000g, Jingdong advised making a 1,500g available, with a bamboo-made box used in packaging.


JD’s advises gave Wu Fang Zhai increased sales from this year’s Dragon Boat Festival. The box with equal portions of sweet and salty zongzi is even more popular to its customers. Jing Zhang, the Head of E-Commerce at Wu Fang Zhai stated how Jingdong’s unrivaled insights have been a great help for the company’s peak season of the year.


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