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James River Capital

Starting a business can be a massive hurdle for some people. Whether you have a great idea or good connections, the one thing that always prevents most people from getting their business off the ground is almost always funding. Having the right amount of funding will allow you to do the things your business needs in order to stay successful. However, many people do not have the resources in order to get proper funding and their businesses never get off the ground. Fortunately, James River Capital has information for you that will help your business get the funding it needs to get moving!



Your local credit union and banks offer loan programs for business owners who are looking to get their business funded. All you need is a good credit history with previous banks and credible information on your business plan. This should be sufficient enough information for the banks to review and possibly consider giving you the loan you need.

Angel Investors

Angel investors are oftentimes considered “angels” whenever it comes to saving a company’s idea before it ends up getting dismissed. An investor is a great way to help you directly fund your business for a certain cut of your profits. The best way to find the money that you need for this type of situation is to look for angel investors online and do your research to find the best one.


People have turned to the internet for most solutions nowadays and for good reason! Crowdfunding is one of the most popular ways of funding out there. All you need to do is to create an incredible sales pitch that will get people onboard for your idea and market your crowdfunding project. Social media is a powerful tool that will help you reach audiences you never even knew existed that can help you with your funding problems.

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