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Jack Plotkin: The Past, Present, And Future

JACK PLOTKIN Jack Plotkin is not one to ring his own bell. There is much, however, to appreciate about this businessman’s life. Not only is Plotkin the CEO of Cardinal Solutions, but he also has a background that speaks of his passion for learning and helping others. 

Jack was not always the most outspoken student in school. He was, however, one who took his studies seriously. Plotkin loved subjects pertaining to art and expression. Such may be the reason why English was his favorite subject in high school. Jack had a teacher who saw his potential and encouraged him to continue down the path of creativity in written expression. The young scholar was also intrigued by Physics during his high school years, which proved beneficial in college. 

Jack Plotkin declared his major in Liberal Arts. The undergraduate also had a passion for computers and, thus, declared a minor in Computer Science. Perhaps, it was the freedom that came with focusing on an array of subjects to fulfill the requirements for a Liberal Arts degree at Harvard University. Or, maybe Plotkin’s passion for computer science was deeper than he knew. Regardless of his underlying reasons, Jack decided to take a job on Wall Street, which eventually led to a successful career in finance. 


Interestingly enough, Plotkin was just as fascinated with the analytical tools used to help consumers make the best choices regarding investments. Jack’s fascination ultimately morphed into a career in which helping startup companies was the priority. Plotkin maintains his passion for the small business owner even with his incredible success. This entrepreneur is not stopping short at what he has already accomplished, though. Jack Plotkin is looking forward to broader horizons in healthcare and technology at large. 

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