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Jack Plotkin is Changing Telehealth’s Future

With technology rapidly developing around the world, the healthcare industry finds itself confronting a unique set of issues when it comes to integrating patient data across facilities and healthcare providers. Jack Plotkin, the CTO of Virtual Health, sees the rise in biometric devices as an opportunity to provide better patient care and develop a new system of clinical case management. The challenge as Plotkin sees it comes with integrating the data from these sources into existing health records and patient test results to create a full view of each patient.  

As an industry expert, Plotkin is uniquely qualified to speak to these issues. His qualifications working with complex populations and the data associated with them extend over the past two decades. After studying at Harvard University, he went on to work for Fortune 500 companies and other enterprises, designing new technologies and deploying solutions to help make businesses more efficient. With experience integrating all the needs of a diverse customer base into one solution, Plotkin began working on a new care coordination system at Virtual Health to elevate the level of patient care. 

Jack PlotkinCosts can be a factor for organizations with a limited budget, as Plotkin explains. Private insurers and Medicare alike are slow to approve telehealth related reimbursement costs, making it prohibitive for patients who have limited funds to spend on doctor visits. In order to move the industry forward, providers and insurers will need to work together to make telehealth an everyday reality. Not only will this provide patients with better care it will also help healthcare professionals get greater job satisfaction and make a difference in the overall well-being of the local community.  


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