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Isabel Dos Santos Credits Husband’s Support as an Ingredient to Her Success

It must be nice to be the daughter of a president. Isabel dos Santos knows exactly how that feels being the daughter of former Angolan President, José Eduardo dos Santos. Isabel is the first child with the first wife, Tatiana Kukanova, who herself is a renowned celebrity being a Russian Chess Champion. Isabel dos said her parents met when her father went to Azerbaijan, when it was still a part of the Soviet Union. He went there for further education, specifically to study radar communication and Petroleum Engineering. Instead of picking up just lessons, he also picked up a wife and started his family. Six years after she was born, her father became president of Angola.

And just like her father, Isabel dos Santos met the love of her life when she studied in King’s College in London. There she met Sindika Dokolo, the son of a millionaire from the Democratic Republic of Congo. They tied the knot after graduation and have four children together. Since then, she switched gears to become an expert entrepreneur and political figure in Angola. The African culture is known for limiting their women to domestic roles, seeing their wifely duties as merely fit for the kitchen. However, Isabel dos Santos credits her father for giving her as much educational opportunities as her brothers, which became her own inspiration to push pass limits. And this is precisely one of the things Sindika loves.

She is strong, tenacious, and goes after what she wants regardless of her gender and social standing. In King’s College, she took up electrical engineering, which is a male dominated field. Thus, it is not surprising that she was only one of two women in her class at King’s College. She pointed out that her has husband has always supported her and has never seen her as a threat. In fact, he has provided immense insight on how she can rise to the top of traditionally male-oriented industries that she dabbled in. She also shared that Sindika has been a great father to all their children. There’s has been an equal partnership, sharing of duties obligations, which has allowed her to pursue her own interests and path to personal growth. After all, a woman is not just a mother, but she can be successful in any field. It is not surprising the Isabel Dos Santos has risen to be the top wealthiest woman in her country.

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