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Gustavo Martinez: Marketing And Advertising Tips

This year Gustavo Martinez, a well-known businessman who works in marketing and advertising, was interviewed by Professional Tales. While in the interview Martinez talked about the way he views life and work.


Moving Up In The Ranks


Throughout the past three decades Gustavo Martinez has done work for the biggest firms around the globe. He has worked hard those years, making his work well-known to those trying to succeed in the same line of business. At one point during his career he was working as a CEO for a well-known firm. At another point during his career he worked as the President of a firm. However, prior to having put any work into those jobs as a leader, he was working for a firm where he had to impress clients with his creative mind and skill sets. Of course, now everyone has seen what he can do and he has become very famous for his work as a consultant in the marketing and advertising industry.


Getting Creative


With the amount of work that Gustavo Martinez has done for other over the past years, it should come as no surprise that he has plenty of insight that he wants to share. Although many might think that it is going to be easy to get into advertising and marketing, it is not at all alike to the other industries that everyone knows. Whereas the industries want their workers to be more of a bee in a hive, the marketing and advertising industries are for those that are full of creative inspiration. Individuals who know how to mix things up are going to be better at doing the work that needs done in this industry according to Martinez.


Putting The Focus On Marketing For Startups


As someone who has loads of experience in everything to do with marketing, it is no wonder that Martinez believes that the most important aspect of startups is the marketing. He is right, however, in thinking that. With any business that is just starting up it is important to do marketing correctly, so that the business can become known to everyone. Without proper marketing a business will probably fail, with no marketing at all it will certainly fail. Businesses need more than just word of mouth to succeed.




For those that are trying to lead their team, there is no better example of leadership than Gustavo Martinez. He ensures that he is not the only one who keeps the flow of creativity going throughout the day. He has to keep his team members going in the right direction with their creative flow, making sure that they feel up to any task that is thrown at them. He also has to make sure that they are always coming to him with their new ideas, no matter what they are. It is important to make sure that team members that do a good job are rewarded for their success, and it is equally important to encourage and help those that seem to be having a hard time.




For someone to make a lot of money and not donate some of it would be very horrible. Luckily for us, Martinez is someone who belives in donating money to varying causes, and he wishes that everyone would do the same.


More On Gustavo Martinez


Even though there are those out there who think that work is just some task that they have to do in order to make money, not everyone believes that is true. Gustavo Martinez is someone who has spent is life working his way up the ladder of success, and he encourages others to do the same. For someone who has been working for over 35 years, Martinez has kept things interesting, and he continues to do so for both his clients and team members.


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