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Gino Pozzo Puts Hos Focus On Watford And Udinese

In 2015, the Pozzo family of Italy made history by becoming the first to own top-flight clubs in the three main European soccer leagues in a single season. Gino Pozzo is the best-known member of the Pozzo family, largely because he is usually seen as the reason for the success of the group in the soccer sector. Before Gino Pozzo made the move into sports ownership, his father GianPaolo was struggling to turn around a financially distressed Udinese in the late-1980s.

Gino Pozzo has a long history in soccer stretching back to 1993 when he was given the job of turning around the struggling Serie A club. In the early 21st-century, Pozzo had identified FC Granada in Spain’s La Liga as the most important investment the family could make as they waited for an English Premier League club to come available for purchase. The problem initially facing Gino Pozzo was the fact English Premier League clubs are notoriously expensive to buy meaning he had to bide his time and hone his skills in La Liga.

There are many reasons why Gino Pozzo felt he could achieve success at Watford, not least the successful job he did of turning around a struggling FC Granada. By 2016, the focus had completely fallen on Watford and Udinese meaning Gino Pozzo did not have the time or funds to focus on FC Granada. The Spanish club had been purchased when in financial difficulties and was one of the most stable in La Liga by the time it was sold by the Pozzo family. The club was eventually sold to Link International Sports of China for around $50 million to provide the family with a huge profit on their initial investment.

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