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Few Lawyers Like Jeremy L. Goldstein Around

Lawyers have many uses in the everyday world of business and life. They handle criminal cases, custody matters, living wills, tenant issues and a slew of other problems. There are a number of innovative and smart ways to find and procure a lawyer, if you just happen to be a New York resident. However, one of the best and most trusted methods of finding a lawyer is the LRIS (Lawyer Referral and Information Service). It is an online portal, which means that it is ready for use any time of day or night. It is actually a collaborative product of the New York State Bar Association and, a legal technology tool.


The way this tool functions is really quite simple and effective in its purpose. It all starts with any individual going online to the site to fill out a quick initial questionnaire. Once that task is completed, the State Bar staff takes a look over the questionnaire and matches a lawyer to the applicant according to area. In the event that the person looking for a lawyer lives in one of 17 counties that already has a referral service, the request is forwarded to the a county bar association. With certain exceptions, there is a 35 USD (United States Dollar) fee for a thirty minute consultation, even though the filling out of the questionnaire is absolutely free.


With any luck, if you are a New York resident and use this service, Jeremy L. Goldstein, partner of Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates, just might end up being your lawyer. That is if you happen to need advice concerning matters of compensation, CEO’s, management teams, executive compensation or corporate governance matters.


He knows all about these matters and has experience in handling some of the largest transactions in the past ten years. One of these include the Goodrich acquisition by United Technologies. There are a cadre of others with each one being equally impressive. Another title Jeremy L. Goldstein holds is chair of the Mergers and Acquisitions Subcommittee of the Executive Compensation Committee of the American Bar Association Business Section. When it comes to big business, there is not a thing that Jeremy L. Goldstein does not know.

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  1. Jazlyn Lucca
    Jazlyn Lucca November 23, 2017

    Commitment to hard work and having a little persistence in the professionalism is what is needed to reach the level of Jeremy Goldstein. In view of, I will follow the direction in any legal case and not depending on assignments, will be one of the best bets. Collecting all the information in the cases e has seen will create assurance in the work that will serve to guide in corporate law issues.

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