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Down to the Green with Todd Levine


In a recent interview done with Todd Levine by Ideamensch, the successful business attorney spoke on a variety of topics as he answered various questions regarding his Company and the traits required for success. Todd Levine is a founding member and Partner at Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen & Levine, P.L., a successful Litigation Law firm that handles complex business disputes. He is also a experienced attorney with a strong focus on Commercial Real Estate Litigation, and normally represents from Property Managers, Contractors, Investors to Real Estate Brokers. Educated in Florida, the awarded Lawyer is also a Musician and enjoys art as well as science.

The interview proceeded with Levine explaining about the idea for his company and how does he make a typical day productive. He then explained how to bring ideas to life, and what’s one habit that makes him more productive as a businessman. He was then asked what advice would he gives his younger self, and as a result what as an entrepreneur that he does over and over and recommend others to do. The interview continued as he answered what main strategy he uses that helps Him grow his Business, he then explained a personal failure and how as an Entrepreneur he was able to overcome it.

For the last few questions of the interview he was asked to explain what is the best $100 dollars that he recently spent? And why? And what’s the one piece of software or service that helps him be productive, and how do you use it. For the final question of the interview he was asked What is the one book that he recommends our community should read and why? The interview came to a close and Todd Levine quoted “The faster you can become known as the go-to specialist, the more likely potential clients will seek you out than you having to seek them out“.

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