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Dick DeVos and Drive

Dick DeVos doesn’t want to slow down in this lifetime. He grasps that permanence just isn’t something that people get. That explains his desire to continually work. Working hard is just something that’s totally effortless to him. It comes naturally to his diligent wife as well. Betsy DeVos has never been someone to lounge around in a languid way.


Richard DeVos has been focused since he was born. He was focused when he was a lobbyist in bright Grand Rapids, Michigan back in the nineties. He knew that he didn’t want construction work to disrupt the city and its progress. He knew that the addition of a major arena would mean nothing but trouble for the growing metropolis. DeVos has the uncanny ability to pinpoint all sorts of things that may be problematic at later times. DeVos has communication abilities that are basically unsurpassed. He knows how to make others comprehend things that are beneficial. He knows how to make them comprehend things that may be difficult later on, too.


The West Michigan Aviation Academy isn’t something that’s minor to DeVos. It’s an expansive charter school that’s a big institution among people who are interested in aviation matters. It has so many pupils who are thinking about working as pilots someday. It has so many pupils who are thinking about taking on careers that involve the functioning of airplanes. Students who go to the West Michigan Aviation Academy in Grand Rapids, Michigan often contemplate engineering vocations. Although this school is in the city of Grand Rapids, it doesn’t have a typical setting. That’s because it’s within the substantial airport. Travelers who are going all around the country and planet frequently see it when they’re on the go.


DeVos wants to make charity something that’s more prominent in the United States. He wants to make philanthropy something that’s more noticeable in the country, too. There are many people in the United States who don’t do much to push charity to the forefront. There are just as many who basically behave as though philanthropy isn’t an option. DeVos has the urge to nurture a society that’s a lot more open to aiding the charity and philanthropy realms. That’s why he’s the guy who put together the beloved Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. His wife is the gal who put it together. They have so many shared pastimes and interests. They’re not a couple who clashes in any fashion.


DeVos has no desire to become slower and slower as he gets older. He feels more vibrant by the day. The wheels are always turning inside of his head. He’s never even thought about forsaking all of his aims. He’s a truly driven individual.


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