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Darien Dash Brings Technology to Everyone

Darien Dash has made it his life’s work to bring the internet to minorities. Since the beginning of the internet in the 1990s, Dash was tasked by Bill Clinton to ensure that as many people as possible could use the new technology, and that especially targeting minorities. Dash has long history in both the field of entertainment and technology, and is using both in his latest business venture. The Movement Management firm makes use of all of Dash’s life and business experiences. It provides business advice to a variety of companies in a diverse range of fields. The companies that he helps include those in the entertainment, cannabis, and sports industries. Darien Dash not only works with CEOs but also athletes and people in the entertainment world.

In a recent interview, Dash outlined some of his keys to success and what makes up his business day. Dash wakes up early and spend the early hours catching up with emails and fielding telephone calls. Since Dash deals with people from around the world, calls come in all times that he has to be ready to answer. He still communicates with people well into the night, and his days often does not end until 9 at night. While he does has a great team and he knows how to delegate, Dash still has a hands on approach to many of the issues that his clients face. He uses that team to come up with new ideas. He knows that great ideas come from a variety of places, so he is always open to hearing from anyone in the company no matter their position. To know more about Darien visit

Dash is excited to see the amount of minorities now in charge of large companies, and he is even more excited to see that they are happy to work together and support one another. He hopes it is a trend that will continue, and it is the result of hard work on the part of Dash and many others that began decades ago.

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