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Clément Perrette: A Mission Of Oceanic Conservation


Clément Perrette Barclays excelled in finances and business on the capital markets and now he is making his mark on the seas by participating in a variety of conservation efforts. One of the notable projects that he is taking part in is Call of the Blue, a photography project meant to draw attention to the issues that our oceans are facing along with the efforts that are being taken to preserve them for the future.

In an article entitled “Customer Service, Finance, and Public Education: Clément Perrette’s Curated Career”, finance specialist Clément Perrette has discussed how he leveraged a wide array of skills sets that have allowed him to excel within various leadership roles.

In 1990, Clément Perrette earned his Master of Finance through HEC Paris. From there he went on to work for Worms and Cie in New York City and Perrette’s career has been progressing ever since.

Now that he has partially retired from his busy life in the capital markets, he has found that he has more time to embrace his passion for the ocean. Clément Perrette has been working at RAM Active Investments as a Managing Director, but this role still allows him to have more free time than he has ever had in the past.

After co-producing Call of the Blue, he went on to become an Executive Producer for the Ocean Souls project along with partnering with the Uproar Fund.

A film effort the size of Ocean Souls is quite extensive and Clément Perrette has been helping to find funding for the project as it can welcome many different sponsors looking to do their part to save our oceans. Along with teaching the world about the ocean and the lives that are struggling to thrive in it, these projects are producing beautiful imagery that Clément Perrette enjoys being able to share with the world. See This Page for more information.

Modern media has created many opportunities for the financier to get the important messages that these projects have across the world.


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