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Choose MAGFAST Chargers to Reduce Electrical Waste

MAGFAST Offers a Solution to Nearly Every Charger Problem

If you’re tired of having to replace your mobile device chargers all the time, check out MAGFAST Chargers. Their line was designed by Seymour Segnit, an Oxford University graduate, to simplify the bulk and cost of cheap aftermarket chargers. Segnit has also developed green initiatives to plant trees for each device sold. Reducing electrical waste and saving energy are concerns that many environmentalists express with similar products that are purchased and disposed of quickly. MAGFAST chargers are high-quality and implement magnets to charge items faster and without unnecessary wires. This is good news for those that own pets that chew through cords or curious children. An 11-point safety system is integrated to reduce the chance of electrical hazards that have been issues with other products in the past.

The Design Element of MAGFAST Chargers

MAGFAST offers its products in alpine white and limited-edition forest green. They resemble blocks as they can be stuck together, and they’re even able to charge other units while unplugged. This shared electrical benefit reduces the need to stop and recharge your power bank and other MAGFAST devices. Compatibility is addressed, and MAGFAST Chargers come in international outlet options, as well as, different adapters for all types of wireless devices.

Attend an Online Video Presentation to Learn More

MAGFAST CEO Seymour Segnit is offering a special video presentation that’ll provide you with the opportunity to pre-order and become a backer of MAGFAST products. You’ll be able to see how all the pieces work together to accomplish simplifying the entire process of charging. Registering is fast and easy, and you’ll have a variety of time slots to choose from. A preview is also readily available for viewing by visiting the website at, today.

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