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Billionaire Bhanu Choudhrie is Supportive of Students Who Want to Reach Their Dreams

Bhanu Choudhrie is exactly like his father, the billionaire Sudhir Choudhrie. There’s no surprise that Bhanu also has an impeccable business acumen because he has been trained by his old man since he was young. This enterprising guy has been investing in business strategies for quite a long time now. He pursued a business degree at the prestigious Boston University, and later on, he took up his post graduate studies under the same field in the Ivy League institution, the Harvard Business School. Read more on Wikipedia.

This young founder and CEO of the C&C Alpha Group has many investments in various fields such as utilities, banking, aviation, hospitality, healthcare, real estate, venture capital, arms trading, and more. Bhanu Choudhrie also enhanced his business portfolio by using his expertise to reach out to small business owners in dire need of coaching. It is for the same reason that he began his aviation school to help others reach their dreams. He has won an award for his numerous achievements, so he feels compelled to give back to his community by helping support individuals that are struggling with poor income and health issues.

Since this man is a consummate traveler, he has met other business owners who have helped him expand his mindset and his horizons. Since he has received valuable advice from many of them, he also does his part to help others achieve their business goals. He was compelled to team up with an aviation group, and together they set up the Alpha Aviation Academy where wannabe pilots can train to earn a certification to get their wings to fly. Their pilots are well trained and have flown numerous passengers to and fro various cities around the globe.

Though Bhanu Choudhrie is proud of his achievements, he has remained humble through it all. He still loves to work in communities where he can mingle with young students, so they can give them hope for a better future. Bhanu is supportive of many academic programs that give the best for these students. Even in his own aviation academy, he has helped sponsor many students to finish their flight training. With his good heart and innovative mind, Bhanu Choudhrie will just continue to flourish as a human being. Visit:

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