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Betterworks Surveys Reveals Good Managers Need Effective Management

Betterworks is a software developer of a cloud-based HR computer program created to align, activate and develop workforce for business growth. The Betterworks software provides a powerful Continuous Performance Management program that supports the goal alignment, feedback, and coaching necessary for the inspiration and motivation of the entire workforce.

Recently the software enterprise for Continuous Performance Management released the results of a survey of people managers. This industry-wide survey of over a thousand managers currently working in organizations with a workforce of five hundred exposed the troubling state of talent managers.


The survey found that the role the people manager plays is outsized when it comes to improving the performance of workers through daily actions designed to motivate, engage, and develop teams on the job. Managers surveyed by Betterworks felt overwhelmingly that talent management in these organizations needed to make significant improvements.

According to Josh Bersin, global analyst and member of Betterworks’ board of directors, one of the most transforming parts of a career as a manager is the transition from “doing the job to leading and helping others do the job.

Key insights gathered from Betterworks’ research included:

Managers lack a sense of purpose

Most managers reported feeling a significant lack of purpose and challenge as it related to their positions. Many weren’t confident that their employees understood the company’s mission and vision, and they were surprised at how few senior leaders lived the company’s values.


Managers have little alignment

Managers surveyed felt that poor communication skills made it difficult to communicate the company’s skill set and goals. They felt there was no clear indicator of the company’s future priorities, and many felt their current processes were outdated and a hindrance to doing their jobs well.

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