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Betterworks Performance Management Solution Company Releases Team Edition

The Betterworks performance management software company began its operation in Silicon Valley, which is located in California’s San Francisco Bay area. 

Founded in 2013, the company offers other companies organizational and data solutions that are needed for more productivity and profitability. Betterworks gives managers complete control over how they run their business while providing valuable feedback and tracking their progress when it comes to reaching objectives. Through this service, both executives and their co-workers can participate in giving helpful feedback under the direction of the HR team, who controls the platform.

Recently, Betterworks introduced a cost-effective package of performance management tools that will benefit smaller and midsize businesses that want to access the latest advances in this type of technology in order to be able to run their businesses more effectively.

Named Team Edition, the new product makes it possible for up to 100 employees on a team to set goals and track their progress. Team Edition is a self-service solution that includes live group and on-demand support for program design and team success. This new Betterworks software solution allows managers and teams to have the kinds of discussions that will lead to skill and performance improvement.

Team Edition can be purchased directly from Betterworks either on a quarterly, or an annual basis, with businesses getting to decide which plan is more economical for them.

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