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Barbara Stokes Positively Impacts the Society Through GSH

Green Structure Homes of Alabama LLC is headed by Barbara Stokes. The company focuses on humanitarian relief, specifically on disaster relief construction. With the help of her husband, Scott, she was able to establish the corporation. Read this article at

The firm is based in Huntsville. Over the years, the company has partnered with organizations such as FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency). Green Structure Homes of Alabama LLC has also been working with other companies in the private sector. Their main agenda is to make sure that people have access to permanent housing that is also safe. The corporation utilizes advanced manufacturing techniques. They also carry out land planning as well as the installation of utilities. Under the reign of Barbara Stokes, the company has also developed houses for campuses and other residential projects. Read more about Barbara Stokes at Affiliatedork.

About Barbara Stokes and GSH

Green Structure Homes Alabama LLC works closely with their team from the process where the concept is formed to the completion phase. In 2001, Barbara Stokes got her biomedical engineering and physics degree. She also got to learn more about the structures and properties of materials, manufacturing and management, and thermodynamics. Barbara Stokes had also had the honor to work at Boeing and Pisces Corporation before she co-founded GSH. The company also has a great desire to support the mission of companies such as FEMA. After Texas was hit by Hurricane Harvey, many people were displaced from their homes. The government then reached out to Barbara Stokes, and Green Structures Homes of Alabama LLC was issued a contract that was worth $28 million. They were tasked with constructing modular buildings.


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