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As 2020 Draws Near, Betsy DeVos focuses on Education Reform

As a Calvin College graduate, Betsy DeVos has been uniquely focused on the state of education in the United States of America. Born and raised in a tiny Dutch community in Michigan, DeVos has been raised with the mindset that she was destined to do great things. As a proud reformer, a prominent conservative, and devout Christian, Betsy DeVos has quickly won the support of the Republican base for her work as the Secretary of Education. Despite her values and hard work, DeVos still operates as an enigma to many people on both sides of the political divide. Let’s take some time in order to learn more about President Trump’s most high-profile administration appointment.


Betsy DeVos has been active in the political scene for nearly 30 years. Despite how hard she has worked toward education reform, DeVos has never held a job in the government on any level. Still, DeVos has pushed herself as a private citizen toward embracing the change that she has always believed in. Starting in the early 90s, DeVos became a symbol of conservative education reform in the United States. Alongside her husband, Dick DeVos, Betsy DeVos has worked hand-in-hand with parents, teachers, and schools throughout the country. DeVos believes that grassroots activism is the most effective way to create change on a broad level, and she has certainly lived up to that concept.


As the Secretary of Education, DeVos is aiming to get school choice more popular throughout the country. School choice revolves around the fundamental concept of freedom, allowing children and parents to pursue the type of education that they believe works best for them. School choice on a federal level will incorporate redirecting tax dollars toward supporting privately owned institutions as well as public institutions. DeVos believes that by supporting privately owned facilities, public facilities will also improve. DeVos is a firm believer in the voucher system as well as tax credits and charter school development. DeVos also is a prominent believer in the incorporation of technology in the classroom.


Betsy DeVos has not only stumped for charter schools throughout her life, but she has also supported them financially. Betsy and Dick DeVos run an aviation charter school together that is meant to prepare students for careers as pilots, engineers, administrators, and other jobs in the aviation workforce. DeVos has also worked on several national boards in order to get legislation pushed to different states throughout the country.


With the 2020 Presidential election rapidly approaching, Betsy DeVos and Donald Trump may be running out of time in order to get their reform ideas pushed through. As a result, expect both individuals to ramp up efforts in the coming weeks and months ahead of the massive election campaign.


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