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Alexis Kennedy blazing the trail

The video game world can be rather dog-eat-dog. There are big companies that are looking to corner the market and then there are smaller firms that are just looking to make itself a home in its little corner of the industry. On occasion, there are developers that are able to start out small, but end up getting big in a hurry.

Alexis Kennedy is one of those developers that has managed to forge quite the reputation in the market, despite largely only working on “smaller” games. Just because a game is not one that has been published by a AAA publisher, it doesn’t mean it isn’t selling as well as some of the bigger games.

Alexis Kennedy has managed to make several different games that might be smaller in scope, but are plenty popular in the gaming community. The latest “small” game that hit it big is called “Cultist Simulator” which is almost exactly what you might expect from a game with that name. This is an Orwellian game that allows users to determine their path through a rather dangerous cult, and you manage to guide that journey through a digital card game.

Those are the kind of games that Alexis is getting the reputation of building. These are games that can take some ideas that were out there already and put a brand-new spin on it. Kennedy is someone who understood for quite a while what he wanted to do but he also knew he couldn’t do it the same way the bigger studios would go about doing it.

His other well-known game, The Book of Hours, is different in many different ways, but still has the signature Alexis Kennedy spin on the plot and playability. That sets the man apart in what is a very crowded industry.

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