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A New Way Of Teaching and Learning with The ClassDojo

ClassDojo is an app that not only helps teachers and students become more productive in the classrooms, but it also helps parents become more involved in their children learning activities. This app has helped stimulate the development and mindset of over 15 million children around the globe. Educators have found the ClassDojo app to be more than just a learning tool to get students more interested in learning, but both sides have found the learning experience to be fun.

Parents are also utilizing the app to help with encouraging home activities that the program ClassDojo Beyond School offers as well. It allows the parents to communicate more frequently with teachers to discuss the progress their child is making in class, or if help is needed. Using the ClassDojo Beyond School, parents can pick up where teachers leave off at the end of the day and engage in some of the learning actives the app provides with their children while helping them learn how to use state of the art learning tools in a gratifying way.

ClassDojo is being used in more schools now in the United States and in other countries in different languages. It is mainly used for teachers and student’s parents to communicate. But, it is also used by the teachers and students to help decide on a learning plan that they can work on together. With everything becoming more and more digital, the app allows teachers, parents, and students to meet on common ground and adds a more exciting way of learning for everyone who uses it.

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