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A Compare and Contrast of REITs and Mutual Funds with Michael Nierenberg

Real estate assets are one of the most diverse investments you can make. Many people who invest in real estate do so without actually owning the house or property. This is one of the benefits of real estate trusts such as New Residential. The Chief Executive Officer of the company has created a stage for investors to thrive; in multiple ways. Michael Nierenberg briefly elaborated on the term REIT, and nhow it affects investors.

A REIT is somewhat similar to a mutual fund investment, states Michael Nierenberg. This is because real estate investment trusts allows for investments in numerous assets; that are consolidated. These assets are generally not accessible in traditional investing. The main difference between these two types of investment sectors is in the loan pools. Mutual funds gives investors the chance pool funds into securities; and REIT investors pool money into real estate. Michael Nierenberg says there are numerous types of REITs such as private, mortgage, and public; to name a few. New Residential and Michael Nierenberg are at the top of the ranks within the investment field.

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